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Heaven Is for Real Is Todd Burpo?


Heaven Is for Real Is Todd Burpo?-The story of Todd Burpo’s son and his visit to heaven is known far and wide. It has even become a movie and an international sensation. Yet, the veracity of the story’s details have not been fully examined, not until now. Is the heart of the Burpos’ story a contradiction or inconsistent at best? Does each new version of the story question that before it? Did Todd Burpo use suggestive language to bring out a child’s natural imagination? Those are questions for you to ask, as you read the author's book. The author’s intention is not to shame the Burpo family in anyway. Instead, she seeks to bring light to a story, so that readers can make their own determination. The author, a well-versed and practicing Christian, uses her study of Forensic Psychology to demonstrate that even though the truth may seem more boring than fiction, it is still the truth. Is Heaven for Real? What is real, is not always as it appears…


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