Who killed JonBenét Ramsey?

The answer to who killed JonBenét Ramsey is so simple. It may not seem simple, but it is. If you continue to only going after one, no two suspects, the parents, repeatedly, then you are going to end up in the same place, every single time. A circle. A dog chasing its own tail. And the Ramseys are going to be NOT GUILTY every single time! Why? Because, they are not guilty. The overwhelming evidence in this case has ALWAYS proved that John and Patricia Ramsey, as well as, Burke Ramsey are all not guilty.

Okay, so now what do we do? We look at the evidence as if John, Patsy and Burke are actually innocent.

The other key point to highlight is that the authorities brought in all these nonviable suspects, like John Mark Karr, who wasn’t even in the state at the time and suggested that they had eliminated everyone else; therefore, it had to be the Ramseys that were the guilty party. That is what I would suggest is a deceptive practice.

Say you and I were involved in a car wreck. You were driving your car and your friend was the passenger. I was a passenger in the other car where my husband was driving and my friend was in the back. After our cars collided, your friend ended up fatally injured. My husband and my friend jumped out and ran and left me behind.

The police investigated and could not locate my husband or my friend, so they claimed I was the driver and I was guilty and that I had just jumped over to the passenger side, lying about my husband and my friend.

I tell them there were two other people in the car with me, my husband and my friend, the police bring in my mom and dad and eliminate them as suspects. They tell the world, we ruled out all other suspects and so therefore she has to be the killer and the driver.

They questioned my husband and friend and they lied and told the authorities they weren’t in the car with me. The police believe them and told them they were no longer suspects, when they didn’t even fully investigate my husband or friend, they just took their word for it and eliminated them as suspects.

The police were dead set on convicting me. Even though you told them you think someone else was driving the car I was in.

Well something similar happened to John and Patsy Ramsey and the public and authorities are dead set on convicting them.

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