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A Wet Bed, A Wild Rage Part 2

Someone please answer this question for me. JonBenét was in her bed sleeping, she was 6 years-old. She peed in the bed, woke up screaming at the top of her lungs and woke her mother up. Patsy came running downstairs and saw her urine soaked mattress, she got irate flew into a rage, ran to the kitchen grabbed a flashlight, ran back upstairs and started beating her daughter in the head with it, she changed all of her clothes, took off the red turtleneck, changed her into some over-sized panties, drug her in the basement, formed a high tech garrote, she then strangled her to death, and finally she sexually assaulted her own 6-year-old daughter with a broken paintbrush.

She ran upstairs, with the same clothes she had on, jumped into bed and got a good night sleep. Oh, I forgot before that, she ran to the kitchen grabbed a pad of her own paper and one of her pens, faked a ransom note, ran down the street and threw all the extra items missing from the scene in the garbage (however) she made sure to keep around the ransom note paper and pen.

Now, who believes that theory?

Okay, let me ask you this? Do you know that JonBenét released a large amount of urine from her bladder onto the basement floor outside the door where she was murdered?

Do you know that JonBenét’s mattress sheets were bone dry?

Where was this so-called urine soaked bed that caused Patsy to fly into a rage?

So, do you mean to tell me that JonBenét totally soaked her bed and then right after that she totally emptied her bladder again when she was murdered? That’s not even believable, but let’s just say it was, where is the urine on her sheets in the crime scene photos?

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