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When it comes to a case like the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, we look at three things initially.


MOTIVE-Someone being in trouble financially with a need for money to pay off their debts and just needs money to survive. Someone being jealous of the wealth of the family. Someone being jealous of a beautiful little girl who had everything they could not give their own children. Someone who was jealous of a couple that was in love.

MEANS-Someone that was familiar with objects already available in the victim’s home, the same type of ransom note paper the ransom note was written on, the same type of pens the ransom note was written with. A person who had items in their own home that match the description of that which was missing from the crime scene and actually admits they came from the same location as the crime scene. A person who had their own keys to the victim’s house, so there would be no broken windows, kicked in doors, etc.

OPPORTUNITY- A person who called into work the day before the crime to have time to plan the kidnapping. A person who knew the family schedule. A person who knew the amount of the bonus check. A person who knew the family dog would be gone for the night and would not be in the house to bark at them. A person who knew the child well and knew the family well.


On the very same day JonBenét’s body was found, Mervin Pugh was visibly intoxicated when the investigators showed up at his home to question him and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh. The first question the investigators should have asked him is, “what time did you start drinking?” Do you think a person who is as drunk as a skunk can be a valid or reliable alibi for another person under suspicion of a murder?

Steve Thomas’ book, JonBenet Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation-p. 36.

“The detectives quickly cleared up the question of the $2,000 loan she (Linda Hoffmann-Pugh) had recently requested from the Ramseys. Patsy had agreed to recover the loan from future weekly paychecks of $200. Hoffmann-Pugh was to use part of the money to pay the rent, and the rest would go for truck parts and some family dental work. Christmas had been soft tacos because her husband had no teeth. Mervin Pugh, the husband, was visibly intoxicated when he was interviewed, and the detectives knew he had had a few brushes with the law back in Michigan. ‘Is she missing or dead?’ he asked. ‘How did she die, was it natural, strangulation, or what?’ The questions were awfully close to the truth, close enough to raise police suspicion.”

And…none of that was any cause for concern- whatsoever -to anyone in the entire Boulder Police Department, the Boulder District Attorney’s office or the FBI?

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